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Feels Like We Only Go Backwards April 1, 2015

Filed under: Uncategorized — mizstellar @ 9:59 pm time flies. Since my last post I have planned and completed a move from Alaska to the lower 48, been diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, fallen apart a bit, and then decided to go after my dreams. I am not writing more now, but I will soon. I’m back xox

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Arctic Monkeys cover)


What Is and What Should Never Be July 7, 2013

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I should probably be  confused by my love life (what there is of it), but I am not. I am open, I am myself, I am working with love, not fear. Trying not to be overly optimistic, trying to be positive but realistic. I miss someone, and it is starting to hurt. But life, it brings surprises. I am open to surprises! I am still hopeful, I still have faith, I still ask the universe for guidance.

Loving the new job, all three days so far ;) Followed by a four day holiday weekend – perfect!  Still so excited about it, but not stressed. I acknowledge the challenges and I will learn how to overcome them. The thing that I am looking forward to is the trip to Vegas with XT. Pool, spa, shopping, food, pool. As long as I fit into my clothes and I don’t frighten anyone with my swimsuit, I will be fine.  The thing that I am craving the most is time with my best friend. We both need it!

This weekend was a lovely mix of lazy and fun. I went in to work for a bit, spent time with Z, took her to the parade, had some time alone, had the girls come over..typical weekend all stretched out. It’s only 10 am, going to wake up the kid and take her to walk around the lake or to the beach. A day at the beach is good for the soul.

Yesterday I started a new habit…let’s say that I tried a new habit. I will keep trying though! Since I work at 7 am and I don’t feel like working out after work, I am trying a 5:30 am 30-minute run. This does mess with my shower schedule and guarantees that my hair will be in a ponytail every morning, so I am still not sure. Ideally, especially during school year and winter, I would head to the Rec when I get off work at 3 and then pick Zoe up from school by 4.  Issue there is that I will have a class from 3-5 two days a week. I can always work around it – the important thing being that I DO it :) My eating plan has evolved into something very similar to the 17 Day Diet. Eggs for breakfast ( I never ever get hungry before lunch when I eat eggs!); salad with chicken/fish/protein  and lots of raw veggies for lunch; snacks are apples, yogurt and a second fruit; and dinner is veggies and chicken/fish/beef/protein. My big FAIL that needs a healthier alternative is flavored coffee creamer. I also drink 64+ ounces of water a day, and I feel amazing just from that. I have sugar free fudgesicles and jello and cocoa for cravings. I let myself eat brown rice or pasta or tortillas once or twice a week. I allow myself a glass or two of wine a day, but haven’t had any extra $ to buy some yet. The budget is loosening up soon…I will be able to accumulate savings again and pay off some high-interest debt soon. Things are looking sunny ;)

Speaking of looking sunny…I am going to finish my coffee on the deck and go to work for a bit until Z wakes up. I love being there when it’s quiet, and I have a lot to sort through and some preparations to make for the new employee (who is wonderful).

Adding books to Goodreads lately –  wish I would have had this tool for the last 20 years, I cannot even estimate how many hundreds of books I have read. Also added a widget so you can see what I am reading now :)

Loves to anyone taking the time to read about my silly wonderful life.


50 Days!! June 16, 2013

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My first trip to Vegas and I get to see my BFF!! So naturally I have goals to accomplish in the next 50 days if I am going to rock some sundresses and a swimsuit. More later.


Keep Your Hands Off Her June 9, 2013

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Pandora knows me so well lately. The station was created July 8, 2007. I have been curating a radio station for myself for over 5 years now? That’s fucking awesome. Forgive me if I have noted this fact before, I don’t post very often lately (obviously) and I have a crappy memory sometimes. So. The Black Keys are hands down my favorite band.  You nailed it, Pandora. Followed up by Soundgarden. Nice.

So. I haven’t posted in a while. There are several different reasons, but they all come down to… I didn’t want to share. So there. Everything I wrote was for myself and one other, not the world. So. I am ready to be in the world again, free and open and thankful. What have I been doing? Playing a new MMO, Neverwinter. I have a level 40 Trickster Rogue..I just love the stealth and skills and the character’s name :) . I also have an 11 Great Weapons fighter, I think she will be a lot of fun when  I level. I haven’t joined a guild yet or even played in anything but skirmishes.

I am going to be the the new Payroll Supervisor at work!  Training for my new position and planning the training for my replacement is keeping me busy, but I have a great energy at work knowing that I will have more responsibility and a position with more substance and challenge . Speaking of challenge – I have regular healthy habits now thanks to a challenge with a few great women on Facebook. I was doing several of the challenge items already, but not as consistently as I liked. Tracking it for points was eye-opening to see how much better I feel with some effort and planning. I would like to ‘challenge’ myself on a few other things. I won $100 this round and I learned how to drink water like it’s my job! I haven’t lost any weight since the first few weeks of the  last challenge, and haven’t lost a damn pound this past week but I am consistent and I want the damn points. Oh, and the healthy results…No, really, I want to lose this extra weight. It’s getting ridiculous to have a closet of clothes just one size smaller and it seems to be taking so long to get there. I like being a curvy girl, just a little less curve please.

I am planning to write more blog posts instead of journal entries and letters that I end up destroying. So. My time is at a premium now. I have time to play the game now,  but come September that time will be filled with schoolwork. Which means that I will actually be on the internet anyway and I need to get a headset and webcam, stat! The kid is ten now and the best little bff that a mom could ask for. She and I are going to have a wonderful summer and getting off of work at 3 or 3:30 will be awesome for taking her out to hike or play at the beach.

Blog-only confession: I am reading a lot about love and dating. I don’t know how I even got started, but I read one book and then got interested in the subject. Maybe I can learn how to get it right finally. Eventually. So.

I can’t seem to come to a decision regarding this blog and a potential direction or niche. Fuck it. It’s really for me, anyway. I make it public, which means I do censor myself a bit…but it also creates a freeing feeling. Like I am saying what I want to the world. Um. Sorry it’s been so boring lately. I will spice things up soon, cross my heart.

Reading lately:

The Dresden Files (the next book in the series I need to read is “Changes” – Jim Butcher;  Anathem – Neal Stephenson; If the Buddha Dated – Charlotte Kasl; Mars and Venus on a Date – John Gray; The Waters Rising – Sheri S. Tepper

Yes, I read a lot. My taste in music is all over the place too ;)



Hands November 19, 2012

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This is the song in my head today..

Short and sweet…things are pretty fucking cool. Can’t wait to see how it all goes down. I’m healthy, happy, and hopeful.


Blueberry Fields Forever August 5, 2012

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A random assortment of photos from my blueberry adventure with my mom and the Z yesterday. I volunteered at the Friends of the Library booth for a bit, took photos of amazingly cool stuff that I wanted to buy and a few more things that randomly caught my eye.  We had lumpia, I ate the best cupcake EVER, and saw people I only see on the 4th of July or at the Blueberry Festival…even though we are on the same island.


To the Blueberry Arts Festival! First weekend in August every year…rain or shine. I didn’t get any good pics of the Battle of the Bands, my favorite event. Next year?


While I was watching some of the musicians, someone licked me.


This outfit was my favorite of the day:


The best blueberry cupcake EVER…


On the walk back to the car, we stopped in at the Main Street Gallery to vote for our favorite art and cool off…and for a photo opp with my baby Z. I was distracted by all of the blue balloons that someone released!




Walking back to the car &  contemplating cotton candy..


Her awesome (fake!) sailor tattoo


The new fire station


The view from our parking spot


Random daisies on the street corner


It was a great day.


Just Can’t Get Enough

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My Personal Mission Statement – My mission is to live a healthy, happy and simple life full of fun, love, and laughter while being the best mother I can be and offering service and inspiration to the world through writing and teaching.

I was wondering something silly this morning as I was lying in bed this morning, contemplating a cup of coffee. I was wondering what another woman (and honestly, I wasn’t thinking real people, I apparently only recognize women that I admire in books or TV – I was thinking of characters – Cally, Margaret(s), Starbuck, Maureen, Hutch, Friday, Hazel, all science fiction  heroines of course) would do if she were to be ME suddenly.

I opened my eyes and pretended that Friday looked around my room and at my flabby belly and mentally reviewed the boring ass day I had planned. Laundry, exercise, video games, coffee, maybe a book…. What would she do differently? What would she think about my life? What do I think about my life? What do I feel is missing?

This led to another line of questioning: Do I feel as if I am living up to my full potential? Am I living how I want to? What do I want to do that I am scared of? What would Mama Maureen say? What would she tell me to get off my ass and do?

I haven’t been awake long enough to fully address this question. It’s a thought in process.

This is a list of changes & upgrades & dream-following & non-negotiables.

Exploring & Doing & Learning & Failing & Succeeding…Always Trying

  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Write Daily – Journal or Blog
  • Write Six Hours Weekly – Professionally
  • Sleep Restfully
  • Yoga
  • Drink More Water
  • Find Employment that is Challenging & Rewarding
  • Be The Best Mom I Can Possibly Be
  • Enjoy Nature
  • Relax and Relieve Stress
  • Spend Time With Z Daily
  • Blog Weekly 2x
  • Nurture Relationships
  • Read
  • Write Poems
  • Learn to Cook and Bake
  • Eat More Vegetables
  • Grow Herbs and Veggies



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